Beer can fishing lure? Fishing lure from a beer can?

Beer can fishing lure?

Fishing lure from a beer can?

Bīru kan kara tsuri o izanau koto ga dekimasu ka?


Señuelo de la pesca de una lata de cerveza?

Fiske lokke fra en øl kan?

Fischköder aus einer Bierdose?

As seen in Fishing Monthly Magazine.

Australian immigrant and mad fisho  shares the, Hard Bodied Jig Clip (Patent Pending), made from an aluminum can. (Fair Dinkum)

The lures you make can target bream, whiting, flathead, et al…, whether your fishing the surface or drifting down the water column, beach fishing, trolling, drifting or rock fishing your going to catch a feed.

You can make them to the size of your choice, from incredibly small to extra large.

Fly fishos will appreciate the possibilities this new lure represents in its malleability, feather like weight, strength and superb resemblance to live bait.

Produced from recycled, lightweight, robust, corrosion resistant, space age material.

These lure designs have undergone rigorous field testing in the most arduous conditions Australia can offer.  From the windswept beaches of Victoria to the crocodile infested waters of the Northern Territory.  Only in the waters of Australia could such a monster of a lure be forged.  Like Aussies themselves they punch above they’re weight and come out on top.

The limits of this new lure are as of yet unknown.

Go on and try making your own.  Our video tutorial on the video page will get you started.