Question 1 Bill of Humpty Doo, Australia asks, “how many different lures can you make from an aluminium can?”

"We are up to a solid 12 completely different and specific lures and counting.  That said, each and every one of those lures can be made as big or small, as heavy or as light or as bright or as plain as you prefer.    FYI, the fantastic malleability of the aluminium allows one to make a version of just about anything crawling, flying and swimming, the bonus is how easy it is once you’ve worked it out."

Question 2 Peter of Methoni, Greece asks,”what’s the best way to paint the aluminium?”

"Fortunately the cans themselves come in varying colours and painting can be avoided altogether but, we like to paint them so, I do one of two things: Paint the metal first with fingernail polish primer and then use nail polish over the top of that and seal with a hard clear acrylic topcoat. Yes, folks will look at you funny buying all those pretty nail polishes but they work great. I just got accused of stealing my missus’ “pink natural” yesterday. The other way is to use spray primer. Some colours work better than others and some not at all. The blanks need to be clean and a little rough up from sand paper is a logical step. The colours I prefer are white and black, red and yellow need half the can and green sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. But a good coat of the white or black with primer and nail polish over the top work ok. When I use paint on the lures instead of coating with clear acrylic nail polish I dip them in marine grade polyurethane which gives them a malleable plastic protective coating. The jury is still out on which I prefer, clear acrylic or the poly, but holographic decal is my preference hands down, your thoughts are welcome. "

Question 3 Fuji of Kagoshima, Japan asks, “You jump between Imperial and Metric, which do you prefer?”

"I do jump between both when the application calls for it. "

Question 4 John of Broken Hill, Australia asks, “Does this design work for fly fishing?”

"They work great for fly fishing. Our average lure weight, dressed up with no jig is less than 1 gram, about the same weight as two sheets of toilet paper. Yes, I compared. With a light jig your all set. "

Question 5 Costa of Madeira, Portugal asks, “is there any beer can that works better than the rest?”

"Yes, there definitely is one particular beer can that stands out above all the rest and it is, oops, you almost got it out of me. If any beverage manufacturers would like to get a hold of me to find out please feel free to email me anytime."