Milkshake     (milk – shāk)

  1.  cold drink made of milk, sweet flavoring such as fruit or chocolate, and typically ice cream, whisked until it’s frothy.
  2.  Mojo, talent, good fortune, luck, skill
  3.  Combination of discarded, recyclable, edible material regularly used on farms to feed pigs and sheep, otherwise known as SLOP.
  4.  Combination of recyclable, edible and olfactory material used to attract fish, otherwise known as BURLEY or BERLEY, may also be known as CHUM when used for attracting sharks.
  5.  Musical track performed by “The Pigs” and  “Kelis”

Milkshakesuds     (milk – shāk ˈsədz)

  1. Beer
  2. The foamy yummy stuff on milkshake (burley)